A moist memory

The day took off

lazy and cloudy,

closed within the walls of home

and closed within the doors of mind

I sat watching;

as the small drops stained my clear windows

my thoughts drifted to some earlier days

when the rain used to be a joy

during my teens I had once

when this used to be the most awaited

to be with my love,

to play with my mates,

to spend the indoors with family but,

gone are those days.

When life gave way to old age

everything seems like a moist memory

the rain is gaining force

and its time I get myself coffee

as of before my body can’t stand the cold!

when my mind got foggy…… !!!

Closed up in you…

There are some emotions…

closed and locked,

the feelings that live in you

and the feelings that make you live

howsoever strong you are or

howsoever rude you behave

each man may have it for other

for the one he feels close to his heart

it might be held covered within you

it might be trapped within the walls of your heart

but when the time comes,

it breaks out of you with all might

you might never know…