Take Off!!! (to be continued…)

A fine morning zooms in with the birds chirping and the dew dripping, little animals getting ready to find their feed and the clouds giving way for a better view of the sky…

I was getting ready to start a new day, humming a tone of a classic song I was checking if my bags were packed well and that nothing was left behind. Till today I haven’t stayed away from home but it seems now is the time for the bird to leave its nest. Born to a middle class family there wasn’t anything thrilling in my life till now. My father Mr. Ashok Rajender is a clerk and my mother Mrs. Sreedevi Rajender is a house wife. I walked to the visiting room where my father was sitting in his old chair and reading his favorite newspaper with the block shaped spectacles on his eyes. He was too deep in the news that he didn’t hear me approach, I walked up to him and touched his feet(its a way of showing respect and seeking blessings from the elder).

“May God bless!”, my father said touching my head,

“Is everything packed?, you haven’t left out anything right?, Don’t forget that you are leaving miles away from home and will take a while until you can come here… so, make sure you have taken everything”, He said.

“Yes, dad”.

My mother was filling the table with lots of food specially because I’m leaving for college, well I forgot to say you that I’ve got admission for engineering at Imperial College of Engineering (ICE), Delhi. My home place is Maharashtra. Good news right!

We had breakfast together and dad got ready to take me to the railway station. My mother blessed me and prayed to God for all success and said she had kept two jars of pickled in the red bag and gave me a hug and left me before the tears that were filling her eyes fell down, I kissed her forehead and asked her to take care.

After putting all the baggage in the car, we both got in, dad drove while I was trying to capture the beauty of my village in my heart…

(to be continued….)

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