An evening…

The busy life of a city,and the overheads of a software developer were driving my life as if some one had pre-programmed my whole life and my body was doing everything by itself without even consulting what my mind wished for. Every day started with the hustles of getting ready and gobbling up the breakfast(mostly) and fitting on to me the executive looks, making sure that i have taken my laptop, files, cell-phone, spectacles, id card and car keys and running out to get stuck in the heavy traffic and spending hours in it while the sounds of the city pained my head…

Just in time to my cabin and then sitting with my eyes glued to my computer and thinking of the different possibilities to code up and then the eve comes up my sometimes extra schedule may run in to the night though my work hours are till evening, and once its over rushing back home to sit in front of the television and have dinner and fall in to the bed to wake up again next day to continue my rituals.

One day when the work ended up pretty early i thought of having some time for myself. I was walking over the streets like a free bird just wandering to warm up its wings and sat down when i found an empty bench by the tree…

As I closed my eyes, a cool breeze brushed over my face and I opened my eyes to see the beauty of the park I was in, the trees were waving in the wind as if they were dancing rhythmically to the breeze’s song, while the trees were losing their leaves one by one, they seem to be holding back their pain for the joy of the world. What do we consider them, a tree something which we have had given much value once when we were at school and the teacher read to us about the stories of the trees getting down, how sad we might have felt, I still remembered crying when my mother cut down a banana leaf to serve us sadya(south indians usually eat their food over banana leaves than plates) over it.

But now, life seems to get too reserved that you barely think of the people who love you let alone the nature… The nature also have got life, they breath in, they take in food, they give birth and so, they might also have feelings but none really bothers and nature never complains… They happily serve you with all they have and even after they fall down serve to add up the value of your land.

All these thoughts had me forget my own existence and the place I was in that I lost track of time and only recollected it to know that the night has fallen.. the breeze was still blowing as if they were consoling the trees and plants to forget the past and move on with life.  I wish I could sit with those thoughts sometime longer but the guard seems desperate to close the gates, the poor fellow wanted to spend time with his family. He had promised his daughter a new teddy.. I patted his shoulder and said good night, a lucky man he is, he might not sit on the luxuries of life but some things are more beautiful than the riches, its to love and be loved. Cursing myself to have to wake early tomorrow to another routine day, I rushed to my apartment and promised myself to live like a human at least for a while within the 24 hours!

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