The cute little face(to be contd….)

Childhood…the most glorious moments, the most beloved….
but does every1 get to enjoy…..sadly no
The fact is…even in the most developed countries, there are children who never knows their childhood joys, many who at their most gifted age is working to get a piece of bread.
Many people have been seen to show love to children…”oh how cute he is…..”, they says….but what about those whom we see striding in the streets, hairs full of locks, skinny, dirt covered faces and a begging face….
sadly…noone even notices they are children, noone even cares for their cuteness….

I was walking through the streets of mumbai, the city where anything can be found….anything that u need
the luxury of the rich towering in one side, while the sufferings of the poor in the other, it was then i saw someone bloking me…hands extended………the look for sympathy….my heart ached….
i had a sister who was kidnapped away wen she was 5….and after the long stretch of case and enquiries….i remained without any outcomes….now the girl standing in front of me reminded me of her
i kept looking her for more than a minute wen she interrupted “sahib kuch dedona, ek hafthe se kuch nahi khaya”(sir please give something, havent ate anything since a week) i asked her to come with me to a nearby tea stall,bought both of us a chaya(indian tea) and biscuits and asked her to have it, she looked at me tears filling in her little eyes and a small smile foming somewhere in her little face and when i gestured fer to eat she asked me wat it was and said her that was biscuits….”bisskutts??” she asked..i nodded..she started eating …so hurriedly, after eating about 5 biscuits i asked her to dip her biscuits in the chaya and eat, she kept staring with her face full of biscuit powder and i showed her how..i ate with her…..she said “sahib yeh tho badiya hai, maine ise pehla biscuit nahin khaya”(sir dis is great, i havent eaten biscuits till now), i said to eat as much…and after a while she said”pet bhar gaya sahib”(that her stomach is full) and i asked her to call me bhayya(brother)….
after paying the money i walked along with her, i asked her about her family and she said she hav none..
I said from now on im your bhayya and so im your family, i asked her where does she sleep in the night..?
and she said….their was many like her,they are a group, and that they have a master and he is the one who makes them to beg…each child is alloted a definite area and is to beg till evening …by evening they gather in an area and he comes to collect them. it seems he takes away each of their collections and beats them if the collections are low, but she stays because they are given shelter and food.
soon it was evening and she said, she had to go.. i handed her a 20 rs..and she ran away with it..